How to Use Screen Recording feature on IPhone

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The main approach to record your iPhone’s screen before was to connect it to a Mac and utilise QuickTime Player to record screen for you. On the off chance that you needed to record your iPhone’s screen without an outside gadget or external device, there were applications you could utilise but they were not official, for example AirShou, however they required complicated procedures to use. Presently, in iOS 11, Apple has at last given us an official, screen recording feature.

With iOS 11’s “Screen Recording” feature, you can not just record a video of your iPhone’s screen, however you can likewise record sound and voiceovers. In the wake of recording, it will be spared to your Photos application where you can trim the video down to expel the recording of when you began and and ended the recording. Let’s see how the feature is enable and how it work.

Go to Settings
 Tap Search

Type "control centre" and select it
 Enable Access Apps and select "Customise Control"
 Select "Screen Recording"
Tap add to Add Screen Recording to customise list

 Screen Recording has been added to the list
Now you can see screen recording at home menu
 Select it and it will start recording, Tap it on the top as show in image to stop recording.
Click "Stop"

The screen recording has completed.

As usual, if you happen to run into some problem while following the steps, please make sure to let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to solve it. Apart from that, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter, however we can’t guarantee you an as rapid a reaction time over on those platforms.


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