How to Transfer a video from Home Videos to Camera Roll in IPhone

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Now and again, you exchange your video files from iDevice to PC and expel them from your iDevices.

One day, you need to edit your recordings in iDevices. You, all of a sudden, found that there is no real way to exchange the video documents back to “Camera Roll”. The typical sync application could just exchange videos to “Recordings” and occasionally application could read files from it.

This below procedure is to manage it. It can exchange your videos back to “Camera Roll” in your iDevice from PC by means of a USB Cable.

Go to "App Store" 
Tap Search
Type "video to camera roll" in search bar

Download "Video to Camera Roll" app and open it
 This app will show you Home videos, select the video you want to transfer to camera roll. 
 Tap "Save to Camera Roll"
The transfer will process, wait untill it's completed

The transfer has completed, Tap 'OK' 
Now go to Photos
 Here is the video you wanted to transfer

Now you can share or upload this video on social websites like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

As usual, if you happen to run into some problem while following the steps, please make sure to let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to solve it. Apart from that, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter, however we can’t guarantee you an as rapid a reaction time over on those platform


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